Sourdough scoring tools: Enhance Your Scoring Technique

Sourdough scoring tools: Enhance Your Scoring Technique

The Sourdough scoring tools are essential for any baker wanting to achieve precise and clean cuts on their dough.

Not only are they useful for giving your bread that professional look, but they also have a direct impact on how the bread bakes and develops.

Learn about the various tools available and how they can enhance your scoring technique.

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Types of Sourdough scoring tools

Keep these tools in mind:

Lame or Baker’s Blade

These are perhaps the most common Sourdough scoring tools. They consist of a thin, sharp blade, often mounted on a handle that allows the baker to make quick and precise cuts. The blades are interchangeable and can be adjusted according to the desired angle.

Sharp Kitchen Knives

If you don’t have a lame on hand, a well-sharpened kitchen knife can do the job. Ensure it has a fine edge to make clean cuts.

Kitchen Scissors

They are especially useful for making more decorative cuts in the dough. Scissors allow you to have full control and create interesting patterns on the bread’s top.

Bench Scrapers

While not specifically Sourdough scoring tools, bench scrapers can be useful for dividing and handling dough, especially if you are working with large amounts.

Tips to Improve Scoring Technique

As a general rule, a cut of about 0.5 cm in depth is typically adequate. When using Sourdough scoring tools, consider the angle. A sharp angle of about 30 degrees is ideal for creating that desired ear on the bread.

When scoring the dough, do so with conviction. A quick and decisive cut is more likely to result in a clean edge than a slow and hesitant one. Running the blade quickly through water before scoring can help prevent the dough from sticking to the tool.

As with any skill, practice is the key to perfecting your scoring technique. Each time you make bread, play with different depths, angles, and scoring patterns to see what produces the best results.

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