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Meet the Founder

Chef Roberto Giammellucca

Thanks for visiting The Sourdough Science Academy.


This is an idea born from the desire to spread awareness of Sourdough and its health benefits.


When I first started making my own Sourdough Starter it was a success after few trials and this is because I had the knowledge and understanding of wheat flour and its enzymatic composition and I have studied the bacteria’s metabolic reactions .


I am a Qualified Italian Pizzaiolo, Chef and Baker, I have been taught to study the Science behind the kneading process of Pizza, Bread and any other kinds of doughs.


I have been experimenting for many years and I am now ready and keen to share the knowledge and my founding with you all.


I will show you how to bake bread, pizza and any other sourdough related goods with the use of natural and organic ingredients and Ancient Grains.


I also love to socialise and share my food with everyone that is why I also offer Pizza Catering for Parties, Birthdays, Functions and Private events. 


Welcome to The Sourdough Science Academy, 

your Sourdough Journey has just started.


Just a thought...

I believe that there has never been better time then NOW for 

🥖 learn how to make your own bread , 

🥦 learn how to grow you own veggies and trying to be self sufficient as much as possible

With the 

❌food shortages we see nowadays, 


❌rates and 

❌inflation going up, 

✅ SAVING Money comes as priority in our daily life and it is a vital skills to protect ourselves.

I am so blessed 😇 to be able to contribute to help people with my knowledge and skills.

This is my main focus with my Academy… helping people having bread on their table at low cost with the maximum health benefits and without the use of expensive equipment.

Are you ready to start baking your own delicious Sourdough Bread?

What other says about us

Based on 105 Reviews
Rachael Eddywing
May 28, 2023

Roberto was a fantastic teacher. He was able to simplify a complex process so I felt I could easily follow the steps at home. I had a lot of fun and laughs and got to taste his bruschetta as well as take my two loaves home to bake.

Chef Roberto's teaching style is both engaging and captivating. He ensures each student understands the material and even provides post-workshop support to answer any lingering questions or concerns. His infectious enthusiasm for sourdough is the secret ingredient that turns an already fantastic workshop into an unforgettable experience. What sets this academy apart, though, is the scientific perspective it brings to the art of sourdough making. It's not just about mixing ingredients and kneading the dough. It's an in-depth exploration of fermentation processes, the role of wild yeast, hydration levels, and the importance of temperature and time—all the integral elements that breathe life into a loaf of sourdough. In short, the Sourdough Science Academy offers a wonderful blend of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and culinary artistry. It's not just a baking class—it's a holistic journey into the soul of sourdough bread. Whether you're a seasoned baker looking to refine your skills or a beginner seeking a solid foundation, this is the place to be.

Fantastic afternoon learning to make Pizza with Roberto his passion and enthusiasm for pizza and teaching are second to none. I have been to other classes before but Roberto’s is by far the best!

Luke Kerswell
May 9, 2023

Great experience and atmosphere. Presented in a helpful, easy to learn way. Recommend this to anyone starting out.

Christina Nelson
May 8, 2023

Roberto’s sourdough pizza class is absolutely fabulous! Not only do you get to make and eat amazing pizza, Roberto is a fabulous teacher and his passion for Italian cuisine and produce is felt throughout the whole class. From Italian music, to imported Italien produce - this class makes you feel like you are in Italy! Roberto made everyone feel good and by the end of the class we all felt as though we were all friends. 5 stars and I’ll be back for the sourdough bread class!

Haydn Drake
May 7, 2023

Fantastic class. Well organised. Very informative and happy to help with any queries.

Kathee J
May 2, 2023

I have given Roberto five stars as the video clips of the demonstration and course materials were very informative.. Roberto explained in great length the tips and tricks of how to start a starter and how to bake the the sourdough bread.. Thank you Roberto am looking forward to learning more from you!!

Sarah Moore
Apr 30, 2023

This was such a fun way to spend a Saturday. Roberto was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher who answered all our questions and was patient as we built our techniques. The pizza was absolutely delicious and I am excited to share my new knowledge with friends and family.

Eva King
Apr 29, 2023

Sour dough making is complex and very interesting. I do not think one class will make me become an expert however, Roberta has a truely passionate, knowledgeable and interesting style of training. His class was wonderful.

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The Sourdough Science Academy

🍞 Two Years of The Sourdough Science Academy: 
A Journey From Scratch to Sourdough Success! 🍞

Hey everyone! 🌟

Today marks a special day for all of us at The Sourdough Science Academy. 

It's our 2nd anniversary, and what an incredible journey it has been! 🎉

The Beginning
Two years ago, I left my full-time job with a dream in my heart and flour in my hands. I started alone but now we're a team of 5, all passionate about the art and science of sourdough. I still remember my first class; I was nervous, teaching 7 students the basics of sourdough bread. 🍞

Where We Are Today
Fast forward to today, and every weekend we have classes with 10-15 enthusiastic learners, diving into not just sourdough bread but also sourdough pizza, pasta, and more! 🍕🍝 We've expanded to caterings, online courses, and even an online shop.

By The Numbers
🔹 Almost 70 workshops
🔹 Over 800 students taught live
🔹 Countless more online
🔹 Tons of sourdough bread and pizza produced!

A Big Thank You! 🙏🏻
I couldn't have done this without the incredible support from each and every one of you:
⭐️ To my amazing wife, thank you for being my rock. ❤️
⭐️ To my two little daughters, you are my inspiration every day. 🌸
⭐️ To all my students, your enthusiasm fuels my passion. 📚
⭐️ To my friends and colleagues, your support has been invaluable. 🤝
⭐️ To fellow businesses, thank you for the partnerships and collaborations. 🤗

As we look forward to another year, our mission remains the same: to spread the knowledge and joy of making sourdough, while also helping solve problems with gluten intolerance. 🌾

Here's to more learning, more growing, and tons more sourdough! 🥂

With immense gratitude,
Roberto Giammellucca and the Team at The Sourdough Science Academy

#TheSourdoughScienceAcademy #TwoYears #SourdoughJourney #Gratitude #FromScratchToSuccess
Mark your calendars because The Sourdough Science Academy is coming to the Business and Jobs Expo in Gold Coast on September 21, from 10am to 4pm! 🍞🎉

📍 Location: Intercontinental Hotel, Sanctuary Cove
🗓 Date: September 21
⏰ Time: 10am - 4pm

🌟 Special Offer Alert!
Join us at the Expo for exclusive discounts on our sourdough workshops, catering services, and corporate events. This is the deal of a lifetime, so don't miss out! 🎁💥

🌾 Why Sourdough?
Discover the transformative power of sourdough baking and how it can make life better for those with gluten sensitivities. 🥖

🌟 Our Mission
Our mission is not only to educate people on the health benefits of properly fermented sourdough, which can help combat gluten intolerance, but also to offer a taste of genuine Italian culinary traditions. We tailor our services to our clients by offering super fun and exciting classes that are both educational and enjoyable.

👋 See You Soon!
Tag a friend who wouldn't want to miss this amazing opportunity!

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🍞 Transform Your Sourdough Journey Like Paul Did! 🍞

I had the immense pleasure of running a private class for Paul recently, and let me tell you, his joy was absolutely contagious! 🤗 

Swipe left to see Paul's face as he enjoyed the fruits of his labor. That expression says it all! 😁

Paul was already a capable baker, but he joined The Sourdough Science Academy to elevate his bread to the next level. 📈 

And guess what? He absolutely nailed it on his first try after the class! 🎯 

The look of happiness and the heartfelt thanks I received from him made my day! 🙏

If you're already on your sourdough journey but want to fine-tune your skills, a private class is exactly what you need. Get hands-on, expert guidance to improve your loaves and achieve that perfection you're striving for. 🌟

👉 Are you serious about mastering the art of sourdough baking?

📞 Book a private class with me TODAY! DM us or click the link in bio to reserve your spot! 📆

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🍝✨ An Unforgettable Experience with Mad Mex Delegates! ✨🍝

Hey everyone! I recently had the incredible opportunity to teach a class on making organic fresh pasta to the wonderful team at Mad Mex. 

The experience took place at the stunning InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort and was nothing short of amazing! 🌟

🙏 Special Thanks:
A big shout-out to @madmex and @intercontinentalsanctuarycove for making this event so special. Your support and the fantastic space you provided were instrumental in its success. Thank you! 🌹

👨‍🍳 Why It Mattered to Me:
Teaching a forward-thinking company like Mad Mex, which prioritizes real and healthy ingredients just like us at The Sourdough Science Academy, felt like a perfect match. 😇

🌱 The Joy of Making Food from Scratch:
The class was not just about learning a skill; it was about embracing the beauty of making food from scratch. When you know exactly what goes into your meal, it’s a whole different level of wholesome. It’s good for your body, soul, and let’s not forget—taste buds! 😋

🔥 Let’s Make This Happen for Your Team:
Looking to elevate your team-building experiences? How about learning how to make your own sourdough bread, fresh pasta, or sourdough pizza? 🍞🍕

👇 Tell Us Below:
Would you love for your team to enjoy a similar experience? How important is it for you to know exactly what you're eating?

📧 Get in Touch:
Ready to discover the joy of real food? Visit our website or shoot us an email to book your next unforgettable cooking experience!

#TheSourdoughScienceAcademy #MadMex #OrganicPasta #TeamBuilding #RealFoodRealLiving
#freshpasta #goldcoastpasta #homemadepasta #organicpasta #homecooking #cookingfromscratch #goldcoast #brisbane 
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📢 Exciting Announcement! 🌿

I am beyond thrilled to share with you all some incredible news! 

I have been invited to speak at the prestigious "The Secret Language of Food: Decoding Nature's Healing Signals" International Symposium 2023 in Brisbane on November 4th and 5th among international integrative doctors and scientists.! 🌏 🧪 

As a passionate advocate for health and nutrition, I am honoured to have the privilege to share my knowledge and experience about the health benefits of eating sourdough! 🍞❤️ 

Scientifically proven studies have shown how this ancient form of bread can positively influence our digestion, gut health, nutrient absorption, and blood sugar levels. 🌾🔬

As we uncover the secret language of food during these two transformative days, I am excited to shed light on how sourdough can be a powerful ally in enhancing our overall health. I am eager to share the knowledge that has become my life's passion and inspire others to embrace this time-honoured tradition for a healthier and happier life.

The symposium brings together clinicians across natural medicine disciplines, researchers in nutrition science, and final year students in similar fields. Together, we will explore the fascinating world of Nutrition Science and discover the hidden potential of food as a powerful healer. 🌟🥗

I am immensely grateful for your support on my journey, and I can't wait to proudly share the wonders of sourdough for better health and well-being at this international event. 

Join me in Brisbane on November 4th and 5th as I proudly stand before an international audience to share the immense value of sourdough in promoting better health. 

Let's embrace the power of nutrition and healing through the secret language of food! 🌿🍞

See you in Brisbane! 🇦🇺🤝

#SecretLanguageOfFood #SourdoughHealthBenefits #NutritionScience #BrisbaneSymposium #ExcitingOpportunity #SpeakerAtEvent #ClinicalNutrition #HealthyLiving #SourdoughRevolution
Another amazing Private Chef shift has come to a close! 🍽️

What an incredible experience it has been, being able to prepare cherished dishes for people who appreciate it😍 

My authentic Italian cuisine 🇮🇹 brings out the best flavours in simplicity, honouring the ingredients and delicately combining them. 

As the age-old saying goes, "less is best" with high-quality ingredients and a touch of love ❤️ 

That's the Italian secret, along with a personal touch. transforming each dish into a masterpiece.

From my kitchen to your table, let's continue savouring the art of food, one exquisite bite at a time! 🇮🇹👨‍🍳

#PrivateChefLife #ItalianCuisine #LoveAndFlavor #PrivateChefAdventures #ItalianCuisineMagic #loveineverybite❤️
👩‍🍳 Another fantastic career experience completed! 🍽️ 

As a Private Chef, I whipped up a delectable spread today - from tangy sourdough pizza & crisp salads at lunch, to a velvety pumpkin risotto for dinner. 🍕🥗🎃 

Cooking with all my heart! ❤️ 

#PrivateChefLife #foodpassion
🍕🎉 SOURDOUGH PIZZA MASTERCLASS ALERT! Join us for a Sip & Taste Experience! 🎉🍕

📅 Date: Sunday, August 13th
⏰ Time: 3:00 PM
📍 Location: CoffeBone Helensvale

Ready to elevate your pizza game? 🍕 Unleash your inner pizza chef at our exclusive Sourdough Pizza Masterclass, guided by the one and only Roberto Giammellucca, Founder of The Sourdough Science Academy! 🇮🇹👨‍🍳

👨‍🍳 What's in Store for You? 👩‍🍳
🍽️ Hands-on 3-hour session
🍕 Craft your own mouthwatering sourdough pizza
🥖 Take home 2 pizza dough balls & Roberto's signature sourdough starter
📚 Learn the art of sourdough baking

You'll Also Discover:
🍞 The magic of sourdough and how to nurture your starter
🌿 Health benefits of sourdough goodness
🍽️ Tips for baking sourdough pizza in your home oven
🍕 Unravel the secrets of Neapolitan & Roman style pizzas
... and much more!

🤩 Who's Invited? 🤩
🍴 Food enthusiasts craving a delightful Sunday lunch
🌾 Health-conscious souls seeking gluten-friendly joy
🥖 Sourdough bread workshop grads ready to level up with pizza magic

🎉 As a member of The Sourdough Science Academy, you'll receive: 🎉
🥖 2 sourdough pizza bases to savour at home
📃 Roberto's cherished pizza recipe
🌱 Exclusive access to his sourdough culture
💬 Lifelong entry to our supportive private group for sharing, learning, and laughter
🛍️ Plus, seize the opportunity to indulge in Local Certified Organic Flours and authentic Italian Pizza Toppings!

👨‍🍳 About Your Instructor:
Roberto Giammellucca - The Italian Chef, Trainer, Baker, and Pizza Master behind The Sourdough Science Academy. With his guidance, you'll craft pizzas that'll leave your taste buds singing 🎶🍕

Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind Sourdough Pizza Masterclass experience! Reserve your spot today and become part of our pizza-loving community. 🍕👩‍🍳👨‍🍳 

Limited spots available. Book now and embark on a journey of doughy delight!
Secure now your spot on our website or through the link in bio

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