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Dive into Sourdough Mastery with Chef Roberto Giammellucca

Step into the heart of Italian baking, right here in Australia. Guided by the esteemed Chef Roberto Giammellucca, immerse yourself in the tantalising world of sourdough.

Upcoming Classes:

Upcoming Workshops

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Whether you're in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or online, we have something special for you.

Why Our Sourdough Workshops are a Cut Above:

Experience time-honoured techniques from Italy's rich baking heritage, imparted by Chef Roberto with unmatched passion and expertise.

Rooted in Authenticity

Bread to Pizza

Transition seamlessly between crafting the perfect sourdough loaf and spinning a mouthwatering sourdough pizza.

Beyond Baking

It's not just about creating; it's about understanding. Dive deep into the healthful intricacies of sourdough, appreciating its benefits with every bite.

Continuous Learning

As a cherished member of The Sourdough Science Academy, the journey of discovery never ends. Connect, share, and grow within a dedicated baking community.

A Culinary Renaissance Awaits

Whether you're taking your first steps or refining your craft, these workshops are your ticket to unparalleled sourdough excellence. Embrace the age-old traditions, modernise them with your touch, and let every loaf and pizza slice be a testament to your prowess.

Embark on this culinary odyssey, and let the allure of sourdough transform your baking journey.

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